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We use the most advanced techniques that today's dentistry has to offer. However, only those technologies that have been clinically proven and independently reviewed will be used. Manufacturers claims alone will not suffice and we pledge to do only what is necessary and in your best interest not that of the marketers of dental products. Dr. Cipriani's unique background includes research in developing technologies and he has worked with many of the leading oral care pharmaceutical companies.



  • INVISALIGN...Clear Braces
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Intraoral Digital Video
  • Digital X-Rays
  • Diagnodent (Laser) Tooth Decay Detection
  • Air Abrasion Drill-Free Dentistry
  • EDS Electric Root Canal System
  • All Digital Records
  • ViziLite with TB 630 Oral Cancer Screening




Invisalign Clear Removable Braces. Dr. Cipriani has extensive training and experience in traditional orthodontics, but is now certified in the Invisalign technology and performs orthodontics exclusively with this system for those patients have the appropriate type of malocclusion. Not everyone is a good candidate for Invisalign, so please call us for a complimentary consultation and evaluation


Oral Cancer Screening


Did you know that oral cancer kills one person per hour in the US? There are over 30,000 cases and more than 8,000 per year. That is twice the rate of cervical cancer in women.

Would you be surprised to learn that despite advances for other types of cancers, oral cancers incidence and death rate has not improved in the last 40 years? It is due to the difficulty of seeing early stage changes in the tissues of the mou th at an early stage, when they could be more easily treated or removed. Over 505 of the oral cancer lesions when first diagnosed have already metastasized (spread) to other parts of the body. The five year survival rate is under 20%.

The risk factors for oral cancer are smoking, regular alcohol use and older men. However there is more recent news, which is very bad. More than one in five oral cancers now appear in traditionally low risk patients like women, younger age, and non-smokers. There is also a definite link between oral cancer and the human papilloma virus (HPV). This is the same virus implicated in cervical cancer.

Dr. Cipriani saw the devastation of oral cancer in his family and set out fifteen years ago to develop an oral cancer screening test that help health care professionals spot early changes in the mouth. His patented technology is now being used as part of the ViziLite with TB 630. It is a one minute test that uses a rinse followed by an exam with a special filtered light that allows dysplastic ( not normal), pre-cancer and cancer areas to be seen with much greater precision. Suspicious spots are highlighted and then marked with a dye that stains the area of abnormal tissue so that a better biopsy can be performed. This simple, inexpensive one

minute test could save your life. Ask us....we are experts at this test.

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Digital X-Rays
Digital x-rays bring unparalleled accuracy and instant speed to the x-ray process in dentistry. They also allow patients to see the image clearly on a large screen. There is also a 90% reduction in x-ray exposure and it is much more environmentally friendly by eliminating the need for toxic chemicals that must be carefully handled and disposed of with old fashioned film based x-rays. Images can be stored easily and sent electronically to a referring specialist or included with an insurance claim. All with the click of a mouse!

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Diagnodent (Laser) Tooth Decay Detection
The Diagnodent is a hand held laser detector that can spot very early changes in the breakdown of tooth structure well before the areas can be seen visually or even by x-rays. If these very small spots of decay can be seen early, then treatment can be very simple by use of air abrasion technology and bonded tooth colored filling materials. It helps to conserve healthy tooth structure and produces minimally invasive dentistry


Air Abrasion Drill-Free Dentistry
Pain-free, no drilling cavity preparation is a reality! Air abrasion uses a gentle stream of compressed air, abrasive particles (made from nano-particles of titanium dioxide) and water to remove decayed tooth structure and even old fillings. Then, with tooth-colored bonded materials, a minimal filling can be placed that spares the removal of sound tooth structure that would have been required with traditional drills and fillings. The results are beautiful restorations that leave the tooth stronger with less sensitivity to the nerve.

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Intraoral Digital Video
A picture is worth a million words. It is very difficult to see in the mouth. It is dark, covered with saliva and small in there! The brilliance of intraoral videos can magnify and show the dental team what may be wrong. As important is to be able to meaningfully show this to the patient. Without good intraoral pictures, what the dentist or hygienist describes is just an abstraction. Clear pictures help patients understand and participate in treatment decisions and see the outcomes. Up close and personal has never been this possible!


EDS Electric Root Canal System
Root canal jokes are the staple of comedians and commentators as one of the worst things that can happen in life. In reality modern root canal treatments are a welcome relief from pain and have helped people keep their teeth for a lifetime of use and enjoyment. Dr. Cipriani has performed thousands of successful root canal treatments. It is not uncommon for some patients to drift of to sleep on their own during a treatment.
Now it has gotten even better. The use of very small electric motors in specialized drills, along with new liquids to flush away the debris, allows for much quicker instrumentation of the root canals. Then new epoxy sealers are used for much better fillings of the canal and better outcomes.


All Digital Records
Our office uses the EagleSoft Practice Management Software for permanent digital records. Government and private health care administrators have taken up the charge to encourage electronic records keeping for medical care. It has been shown to greatly reduce errors in patient histories, treatment notes and prescription writing. It also can save a great amount of administrative expense. Our office uses EagleSoft, the number one dental administrative software in the country.

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