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Whitening Forever Program

All patients will be offered a free professional tooth whitening with custom made tooth whitening trays that are worn for just one hour a day. A free maintenance will be provided every year. So everyone can have Free Whitening Forever!

What is High tech, high touch Dental Care?
Our practice combines advanced dental technologies and materials along with genuine personal attention for you, your family and friends. Our guiding principle is the "Golden Rule" of treating each individual as we ourselves would want to be treated. You will receive a consultation and evaluation before we begin and together we agree upon what treatment is best and a good fit for you.

What does this mean for you?

  • Dental Cleanings that are gentle and prevention oriented
  • Up-to-date technology that allows treatments to be minimally invasive
  • Personal service, individual treatment, and compassion
  • High precision, cutting edge, diagnostic tools for the prevention, early detection and correction of dental/oral problems
  • Dr. Cipriani continues to participate in research and development of dental technologies as part of the PEARL Network at New York University (
  • Confidence to smile for a lifetime!
    We are privileged to have provided exceptional dental care in the Newtown area for over 30 years and to have so many patients who have become our friends. We sincerely thank everyone for their continuing confidence in our care.






November 3, 2008



                             GUM DISEASE SIGNALS DIABETES RISK

There is now news of recent research on the linkage between oral health and total body health.  Reports continue to grow that show the association of periodontal (gum) disease and heart disease, stroke, pancreatic cancer, pre-term births and diabetes.  Diabetes has been reported often in the news media in the past few years to be dramatically on the increase.  A recent New York Times article is enclosed and if you would like further detailed information, you may go online to:   


If you have a medical history of diabetes, have risk factors for diabetes or a family history of it, we would like to help you reduce your oral health risks.  For an online test on your oral risk factors for diabetes go to:


Advanced non-surgical dental care is available in our practice along with laboratory tests.  We will also be in constant communication with your physician for appropriate follow up.