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The Benefits of a Family Dentist


If you're like a lot of people, you want to keep things simple. Simplicity is especially important for busy families, and one of the best ways to make things less complicated is by choosing a family dentist. Family dentists have undergone specialized training to provide quality, age-appropriate dental care to patients in all stages of life, wether that entails examining a baby's first tooth or restoring a senior citizen's teeth. Read below to learn more, and call Dr. Pier Cipriani, your family dentist in Newtown, Pennsylvania, to experience this care first hand.

Familiar faces

One of the best features of a family dental office, like Cipriani Dental Associates in Newtown, is that your younger children won't have to get used to the new sights, sounds, and staff of a new office as they get older. As we mentioned, family dentists have the training and experience necessary to treat everyone from toddlers to seniors, so they are happy to accommodate all of your family's changing dental needs and provide a familiar environment each time you visit. Older children and adults appreciate knowing what to expect when they visit the dentist, and Dr. Pier Cipriani and his dedicated staff provide that stability for each and every patient!

One convenient location

Each member of your family likely attends different schools, participates in various activities in the evening, prefers different hair stylists... condensing some parts of this assortment would be helpful, wouldn't it? With a family dentist like Dr. Cipriani in Newtown, PA, everyone in your household can visit the same dental office, and in many cases, on the same day! This cuts back on the need to take extra days off from work and school, as well as reducing the drive time and keeping appointment days, times, and locations straight.

Ready to make your life simpler in the new year? Call Cipriani Dental Associates today at (215) 968-0620 to start making your dental visits easier and hassle-free!

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